Van Zutphen tops field in 2017 City Amateur

Ellenburg runner-up for third straight year

It’s been a while since Paul Van Zutphen won a golf tournament. The native of Gaithersburg, Maryland won a bunch of junior tournaments before going off to play for the University of Florida in the late 1990s. But he hadn’t won anything since then.
That’s partly because he’s only been playing a handful of times a year, and seen very little competitive action. That may be changing though after his win this May in the City Amateur Championship at Charleston Municipal.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a tournament and had a chance to win anything,” said Zutphen after the win. “I just came in and had some little swing key that was keeping me going. I just thought if I try not to overthink it, I might pull something out and that’s what happened.”
After moving to Charleston five years ago, Van Zutphen has managed to get out for the City Amateur the past few years, but he hadn’t quite put it together to get to the top of the leaderboard. He opened this year with a 68, but thought, “Man I might get smoked again,” after last year’s runner-up Thomas Ellenburg came in with a 65.
Both golfers shot a 71 on day two so Van Zutphen trailed by three going into the final round. He quickly erased the gap with a good start on the front and eventually reversed the margin by the end of the day for a three-shot win.
“After three holes, we were about even, and then I kind of settled into the day, made a couple birdies and came in four under through 11,” says Van Zutphen. “Then I started feeling the squeeze a little bit.”
Van Zutphen bogeyed 12, 13 and 16, but got one back with a birdie on 17, and then put his approach on 18, a 7 iron from 180 yards, safely on the green to close out with a par and the win.
“I played with a great group of guys every day and it was a lot of fun,” said Van Zutphen, who works at Modern Revival Industries in Charleston. “I’ll play more after this. Definitely one of those things that makes you think, ‘man if I could just get out once a week.’ I’ll probably play all the qualifiers next year, the U.S. Amateur, Mid-Amateur. I’m older now, but might be dangerous on the right day.”
For Ellenburg, it was another disappointing finish, but he laughed about the hold he has on the runner-up spot. He first competed in the City Amateur in 2015 and has now finished second each year he’s played. He improved by two shots from last year’s score, but it wasn’t quite enough. Ellenburg said he’ll look to use the City Amateur as a springboard for the Carolinas Amateur at the Golf Club at Briars Creek in July.
T.A. Fulmer came in third this year, just four shots behind Van Zutphen. Fulmer was also two shots better than his score last year when he finished fifth.

2017 City Amateur
Championship Flight 1
Paul Van Zutphen 68-71-70–209
Thomas Ellenburg 65-71-76–212
T.A. Fulmer 71-70-72–213
Patrick Mallard 72-71-71–214
Josh Sine 72-71-73–216
Matt Laydon 71-72-74–217

Championship Flight 2
Or Dekel 72-72-72–216
Martin Sumner 70-74-74–218
John Ashmore 74-71-76–221
Reid Armstrong 69-75-77–221
John Ebersole 71-74-76–221
Chris Campbell 71-74-77–222
Joe Forsberg 74-71-88–233

Flight 1
Clark Truluck 71-75-70–216
Adam Walker 75-72-70–217
Ross Thomson 76-71-72–219
David Kilborn 72-74-73–219
Richard Oref 72-74-73–219
Pete Porter 74-73-73–220
Sam Little 76-70-75–221
Garris Killingsworth 73-74-74–221
Blake Maull 75-72-75–222
Sean McAvoy 75-71-77–223
David Eller 73-73-80–226
Marty Bunch 78-69-79–226

Flight 2
Tadd Brown 74-74-68–216
Steve Agazzi 76-72-74–222
Trey McMillan 79-70-74–223
Riley Krupen 74-76-74–224
Billy Taylor 76-74-75–225
Nathanial Harris 76-72-77–225
Gordon Williams 74-76-75–225
Jeremy Moore 73-76-77–226
James Millar 70-80-76–226
George Rasque 70-79-80–229
Andrew Fortune 75-75-79–229
Troy Miller 76-73-wd

Flight 3
Brian Phillips 73-78-72–223
Andrew Brenner 81-71-71–223
Jay Nuckols 78-75-71–224
Danner Benfield 76-75-74–225
Ryan Stonaker 77-76-72–225
Doug Williams 76-76-73–225
Andy Gianoukos 77-76-74–227
Mark Havenstein 75-76-77–228
Paul Conway 74-77-79–230
Ed Galbavy 75-76-80–231
Winn Tutterow 77-75-82–234
James Edwards 77-76-79–232
Travis Williams 77-75-82–234
Warren Peper 79-72-84–235
Travis Callahan 76-77-84–237

Flight 4
Jacob Morris 79-76-72–227
Jeff Bong 79-77-73–229
Gene Pickard 78-78-74–230
Ben Burton 80-75-76–231
Chris Demarco 73-81-78–232
David Foster 73-83-76–232
Duane Bausman 78-76-78–232
Eric Maland 79-75-79–233
Ed Royall 74-81-81–236
Chris Pinckney 78-78-80–236
Mark Hoover 77-79-83–239
Steve Tretter 79-76-85–240

Flight 5
Grant Waggoner 83-75-70–228
Evan Rodwell 76-81-72–229
Jonathan Rushton 79-79-73–231
Stephen Perry 80-79-74–233
Johnny Velasquez 81-77-76–234
J.T. Walters 78-79-80–237
Dan Cook 75-84-80–239
Bryan Weatherford 79-79-82–240
Jim Yonce 80-79-82–241
Justin Reed 80-78-89–247
Mike Bauer 81-76–wd
Jonathon Smith 76-81-wd

Flight 6
Andrew Crowley 82-78-75–235
Rodney Hancock 82-78-76–236
Brian McDougal 82-80-76–238
Bo Madeo 81-79-79–239
Jeff Sess Jr. 76-86-79–241
Hale Kilborn 80-82-80–242
Robert Leap Jr. 80-81-82–243
Dick Greene 76-86-81–243
Bradley Lipsmeyer 80-80-84–244
Mark Lipsmeyer 80-80-84–244
Mike Harrison 78-83-83–244
Brian Lott 81-81-82–244
Micah Mantooth 80-82-83–245
Bob Bacon 81-79-86–246
Cody Hughes 84-78-85–247
Ed Ceva 78-82-89–249

Flight 7
Ellis Greene 76-87-77–240
Brian Powers 75-89-79–243
Charles McPherson 83-81-81–245
Ralph Nolen Jr. 82-81-82–245
Peter Kouten 82-81-83–246
Bobby Ruff 78-85-84–247
Nick Bauer 82-82-83–247
Jason Clatworthy 79-84-85–248
Craig Stamey 83-81-84–248
Ryan Straup 80-84-84–248
Blaine Moose 85-79-85–249
Alton Hutton 85-79-89–253

Flight 8
Sam Smith 83-82-76–241
Denny Sherrill 82-84-79–245
Daniel Sekanovich 79-89-80–248
Stewart Garrett 83-82-84–249
Jason Lovett 80-85-85–250
Michael Mazza 81-85-84–250
David Shaw 81-88-85–254
Erik Shoger 88-79-89–256
Paul Stiglbauer 83-86-87–256
Mark Peper 82-89-90–261
Mark Bloomer 83-87-94–264

Flight 9
Ronnie Drolet 85-87-79–251
Bubber Ulmer 88-89-76–253
Kevin Owens 91-84-81–256
Logan Jubb 86-86-86–258
Bennie Marshall 87-90-81–258
Erich Murray 91-84-84–259
Gregg Griffith 84-93-82–259
Matt Chambers 90-89-80–259
Michael Fielden 83-94-83–260
David Craft 88-91-83–262
Porter Massey 87-90-89–266
Jim Diffenderfer 87-90-90–267
Chandler Carter 90-wd

Flight 10
C.J. Sarine 87-94-95–276
Mark Bond 83-103-90–276
Brandon Watt 88-93-95–276
Chris Biggers 93-93-94–280
Dave Janus 92-91-100–283
Chad Ward 97-93-94–284
Stan Copeland 86-102-98–286
Taylor Hoard 95-95-99–289
Steve Marek 98-98-94–290
Frank Higginrotham 107-89-98–294
Donald Goodemate 106-107-102–315
Tim Dunn 105-107-109–321
Ashley Prince 105-116-wd