Sunglasses to help golfers focus become a new PTSD tool

by Rich O'Brien
Early in 2016, I was asked to test a pair of performance sunglasses that were originally designed to help golfers be more focused on their putting target line. When I tried them, they were very effective at improving my focus; in fact, I holed long birdie putts on the first two holes.

As I wore the glasses I realized that they were helping me quiet my mind by reducing my peripheral vision.  This is very important for me because I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a near fatal accident eight years ago. For about a week, I wore the glasses off the course when I wanted to relax and I noticed that they helped me reduce my PTSD symptoms.

A few days later, I contacted Ken Finochiaro, the owner of the company and gave him my product review. I also suggested further scientific testing was needed on individuals with Post Traumatic Stress because I believed that the glasses had the potential to have an impact far beyond their original purpose because they could significantly improve the quality of the life for millions of people with PTSD. Nearly eight million Americans currently suffer from PTSD including: military veterans, first responders, victims of sexual abuse, and individuals that have been in traumatic accidents.

These individuals typically experience symptoms associated with the condition that includes numerous daytime flashbacks and nightmares that completely disrupt their sleep. In fact, the condition typically makes it virtually impossible to get quality sleep; and as a result many of them resort to drugs and alcohol as an escape.  Suicide is also an all-too-common outcome as a recent study by the VA indicated that 20 veterans commit suicide everyday as a result of PTSD.

I was excited when the owner of the company agreed to do scientific testing because I sensed it could be some very important research for millions of people that suffer from the condition. Dr. Wes Sime, PhD, MPH PhD, a Licensed Psychologist and Sport Psychologist, began the scientific study this past summer.  The research tested large numbers of veterans and others at multiple locations to assess the effectiveness of the glasses as measured by specific brain wave patterns. The results indicated that there was a significant difference in the “hot reactor” brain wave pattern before versus after wearing the PTSD Relief Glasses.

According to Dr. Sime:  “The results of the study indicate that about 60% of all those who try the glasses for 10-20 minutes get benefit with their PTSD symptoms.  In our research study -- we saw confirmation in the brain scans among those who got reported benefits, that their hot reactor brain wave patterns diminished while they wore the glasses.”

He said that the results also indicated that, “When the veterans removed the glasses - the distorted brain wave patterns returned once again. However, among a limited number of veterans who came back for testing six weeks later - they reported a carry over effect such that they generally felt better knowing that they could get a brief period of relief from from their PTSD symptoms any time they needed it to cool down from some anger or frustrating provocation.” I see this as a very important tool for PTSD that can help millions of people who currently suffer from the unrelenting and unremitting symptoms of the condition.

I also see it as a way to help reduce and ease the suffering of the anticipated 25 million Americans that will experience it at some time during their life. The price of the glasses is relatively small ($50) and that will help millions of people with the condition be able to afford them. My goal is to begin spreading the word about the PTSD Relief Glasses and share the benefits experienced by a large percentage of the users.  To help end their nightmare, and to turn this beautiful dream into a reality, we need your help.

Please help us, help them by spreading the word about the PTSD Relief Glasses throughout your social media channels..  Together we can create enough awareness to garner the resources necessary to continue this important research and replicate the results.