Partially paralyzed local golfer needs your help


Fred Gutierrez, aka The Partially Paralyzed Golfer, has amazed and inspired countless people over the past four years. His indomitable spirit helped fuel the growing adaptive golf movement that has swept the nation as individuals with injuries, illnesses, or challenges have been inspired to try to play golf. He is very giving of his time as he volunteers for the PGA HOPE Charleston and Adaptive Golf Experience at Parris Island.
Fred finds that during the cold and rainy season he struggles to walk using a push cart in wet conditions. As a result he becomes tired more easily and his swing’s consistency suffers.
He would like to ask for help because he finds himself at a crossroads. He believes a remote control trolley golf cart would help allow him to maintain his energy and consistency as he continues his quest to become, not only one of the most inspirational golfers in the country, but one of the best one-armed golfers in the world.
As a result, he is launching a Gofundme fundraising campaign called Fred’s hand up to assist in the purchase of the motorized trolley cart. We appreciate any and all donations as it will help the Partially Paralyzed Golfer considerably.
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