How Miracles Happen on the Golf Course – Jimmy Walker

by Hillary Evans, CHt

If you know anything about golf, you are familiar with the name Jimmy Walker. He is the reigning 2016 PGA Champion, having won with a final score of 266 (14 under par) at Baltusrol on July 31st. Although he was ranked 15th on the Ryder Cup listing, his win at Baltusrol vaulted him to fourth place. Walker’s first major win came on a day when inclement weather forced a two-round, 36-hole, marathon of a final day.

If you know anything about Jimmy Walker winning the PGA Championship, then you should be familiar with the name Julie Elion. What? You don’t know her? No, she’s not Jimmy’s girlfriend. He’s happily married to Erin Walker. But Erin knows Julie, and she love’s what Julie has done for Jimmy’s game.

Off the Course – On the Course

Julie Elion has been variously described as a golf psychologist, a sports psychologist, and a mental coach. The latter is probably the best description, because she coaches individuals and teams, both professional and amateur, in a variety of sports. What is important about Julie is that her work with Jimmy Walker and others validates what I do in my practice.

Sometimes it sounds like we are all about golf or all about sports. That just happens to be a higher profile part of what we do.

Ultimately, we deal with cognitive and behavioral issues that, most assuredly, can make miracles happen for players of any skill level on the golf course. What happens on the golf course, however, results from helping players to unlock the inner power of their minds to accomplish amazing things.

It is the unlocking, and even unblocking, of the mind off the course that helps players accomplish amazing things on the course. We employ a wide range of modalities to create a custom strategy for every client because every client is different. One might say that many problems we are asked to solve are the same: “I want to improve my golf game,” or “I need help with my self-confidence.” On the other hand, every individual has a unique set of root causes that need to be discovered, revealed, and overcome.

Finding the Hidden Key – Unlocking the Door

Think of it this way. You know you need to improve some aspect of your life, but it feels you are standing in front of a locked door without a key. The reality is that you probably have the key, but you just don’t know it. You may have buried it somewhere, but forgotten where. Our job is not to unlock the door. It is to help you find your key and let you unlock the door. Through techniques like neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy to build new neuropathways, we help clients to better understand themselves mentally and emotionally so they can live their lives and play golf in a state of focused relaxation. The result is improved performance. Sometimes it feels like a miracle.

The Real Miracle

Julie Elion described Jimmy and her clients this way: “I’m trying to bring out what they do have. It’s just layered under crap. I try to pull back those layers and find their best selves.” That, by the way, is what is on the other side of that door.

My goal is to help you unlock the door so you can find your best self, off the course and on the course. When you do, it will feel like a miracle. Whether you schedule a consultation at my office in downtown Charleston or arrange for a session via phone or Skype, the benefits of hypnotherapy are waiting to be discovered. Call 843-252-0573 or contact me at to start today.