Mastering the Game of Golf Without It Mastering You

by Hillary Evans

“Mastering the game of golf is man’s greatest challenge.”

I’m not certain who coined that phrase, but I suspect that it was Eve after she witnessed Adam’s daily dejection after he played a round. And he didn’t even have any competition! Think about it. He never lost a match. Yet, he still complained. He probably shouldn’t have invented par.

I love this game!


It’s a Game!

This may be the single most important thing to understand before anyone ever steps up to the first tee. It’s a game.

Follow this logic:
•Games are designed to be enjoyed.
•Golf is a game.
•If you don’t enjoy it, it’s no longer a game. At least, not for you?

Mastering the game of golf does not preclude enjoying it. In fact, working to master it should enhance your level of enjoyment.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are satisfied with your current level of play. Naturally, you want to improve. But improving at the expense of no longer loving the game is, at best, a very poor return on the hours invested.

It’s Not About Hitting a Number

Mastery is not about hitting a number. Mastery is the process of improving your game. Don’t misunderstand. It’s great to have a goal, as long as it is reasonable and achievable. Expecting to beat the others in your foursome all the time is not reasonable. Expecting to break par every time you play is not achievable. Have you noticed that the Tour pros don’t win every time? In fact, their wins are rare.

Mastering the game is really not about “beating” or “breaking” anyone or anything. It is about improving the way you play over a period of time.

I love this game, too!


Enjoying Golf Is About Reality

There are at least three things you need to do to master the game of golf.
1.Have a reality check.
2.Hone your skills.
3.Harness your mind.

Have a reality check.

No one is a natural born golfer. No one. Even professional golfers who have been groomed for the game from a very early age do not always win every round. Why should you expect to do so? That’s just unrealistic. Not even Tiger Woods could achieve that.

No one ever hits the ball to precisely the exact spot they want it to land. No one. Unless you are the X-Men Golfer, you shouldn’t expect to be able to do so either.

No one ever improves consistently with each round they play. No one. It takes a bit more than a round or two to shave a couple of points off your score. It takes time.

No one can improve their game unless they accept the fact that it takes time to master the game and embrace that time as an element of the game.

Hone your skills.

Regardless of your skill level, the skills you currently possess need to be honed. Even the greatest players employ coaches and teachers and seek the observations and advice of others. There will alwaysbe some aspect of your game that can be improved, whether it is your long game, your short game, or your putting.

Again, it takes time – and tutelage. Accept that your current skill level is acceptable – for now. Accept that it will take some time to reach the next level of play that is acceptable to you.

Harness your mind.

After Brandt Snedeker set a new 72-hole record of 20 under par at Pebble Beach in 2015, he said that it was “probably the best thinking week I’ve had on the PGA Tour.”

So much reference has been made about the “mental aspect” of golf that it has become almost passé, making it sound like it plays only a small part. In reality (remember, reality check), the mental aspect is a huge part of the game. Successful golfers play in the present. They play the shot they have right now. They don’t replay that shot into the pond two holes back. That one is history. It’s over. It’s old news.

Golf and life are both fun for us!


Master Golf; Master Life

Golf is about always being in the moment. That requires harnessing your mind. It is a discipline that must also be mastered to be successful in life. Although it may sometimes be referred to as a game, life is far more serious than golf, yet the same principles for gaining mastery apply: we all need to have reality checks, hone our skills, and harness our minds.

That may be why I so enjoy helping my TrueHypnosis clients improve their golf games. I know that the principles and practices I teach accomplish far more than helping them master a game. I know that, by using what I have taught them, they can improve many other facets of their life.

I know that by showing my clients how to harness their minds, not only will they be better able to master the game of golf, but they will also be able to master the “game” of life.

I invite you to contact me. It would be my pleasure to help you learn how to master your game.