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It’s been a great start to the summer at Patriots Point!
We’ve already had our first Junior Summer Camp, several Ladies Clinics, and numerous lessons daily. When you’re teaching this much you start to see some similarities among students. One of these similarities I’d like to share with you this month, slowing down the golf club into impact.
When we hit a golf ball it is a collision, and the key to a good collision is making sure you are accelerating into the object you are hitting, in this case the golf ball. Acceleration helps hit the ball further and straighter with authority.
So the question you should have at this point is what is accelerating the golf club and how do I hit the ball with authority?
Your turning body and weight shift accelerates the club in a good golf swing.
Take a look at the pictures below: In picture one I am addressing the golf ball with an alignment stick just inside my left heel and an alignment stick across my chest. Then in picture 2, I turn my chest and hips to line up over the white stick on the ground, see how the alignment sticks are over top of each other. This ensures I get a proper turn and weight shift, which accelerates the club. Now if you look at picture 3, I have achieved the same alignments with the golf club.
The key to get the club to accelerate is not swinging your hands faster but instead trying to turn you body and get you weight to your left side in the finish. Try the drill in the pictures below to feel the proper body motion, and begin accelerating the club into impact!

By: Brandon Ray


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