Improving plane and performance

by Brandon Ray

If you’ve been reading my articles in Charleston Golf News you will probably notice the setting for the pictures is a little different.
I have recently opened the Lowcountry Lessons Performance Center on the left side of the range at Patriot Point Links. I am still finishing everything out but look forward to sharing more info about the performance center in an upcoming article.
For this month let’s jump right into the swing and what I’ve been working on with students since opening this great facility. In the performance center I am constantly using video and radar technology to track every shot.
With all my players it has been awesome to see how good the ball striking gets just by cleaning up the backswing plane a bit.
I will address two of the common faults we work on here.
The first is a takeaway that is too inside. In Alex’s lesson pictured here the club was inside his hands on the red circle before, but by the end of the lesson he got the club in the green circle and more on plane which means he doesn’t have to make a compensating move to hit the ball fairly straight and far.
From the on-plane position we got Alex in halfway back in the golf swing, we want to maintain good plane to the top of the swing.
In Josh’s lesson he was too steep at the top of the backswing in the first picture, so I asked him to feel like his swing was flatter on the green line. A couple days later, Josh came back for his next lesson and got in a perfect alignment with the club shaft pointing back at the ball line. From here he will not have to compensate.
So if you want to get better like these guys, whether you are an adult or kid, come take a lesson with me at Patriots Point!

Brandon Ray
US Kids Top 50 Jr Coach
PGA Teaching Professional
Patriots Point Links