Fulmer, Laydon land 2017 City Four Ball title

Sherrill, Ebersole retain senior title

The temperatures stayed low, winds stayed steady and pin placements weren’t exactly accommodating. Still that didn’t stop participants in this year’s City Four Ball Championship at Charleston Municipal from putting some low scores on the board.
The team of T.A. Fulmer and Matt Laydon closed with birdies on 17 and 18 to win this year’s City Four Ball title by one stroke. They shot 64-66–130, edging the teams of Evan Rodwell and Dillon Eaton, and Jonathan Smith and Blake Maull.
A total of 11 teams finished within six strokes of the lead. Fulmer and Laydon said they weren’t sure if they needed a birdie on 18 for the win, but figured they should make one just in case. After Fulmer came through with a birdie on 17, it was Laydon’s turn on the final hole. His approach landed on the edge of the green, past the hole tucked deep in the back, and then he calmly sank the tournament-winning birdie.
Rodwell and Eaton fired a 64, the low score of the final round, to nearly reach a three-way playoff. Last year’s champions Tadd Brown and Matt Wood also combined for a 64 on Sunday and earned a Flight 2 win.
Another close battle took place in the Senior Championship. Denny Sherrill and John Ebersole held on for their second straight win. Last year they won in a playoff over Nick Avery and Roger Newsome. Avery and Newsome were again the runner-up this year.


Championship Flight
1 T.A. Fulmer, Matt Laydon 64-66–130
2 Evan Rodwell, Dillon Eatson 67-64–131
Jonathan Smith, Blake Maull 63-68–131
4 Caulder Moore, John Jonas 66-66–132
5 Dan Cook, Troy Miller 66-68–134
6 Frank Heitman Jon Rushton 67-68–135
Martin Summer, McKenzie Oref 67-68–135
Art Hightower, Russell Hightower 67-68–135
9 Tom Bullock, Logan Harrell 66-70–136
Steve Agazzi, Mike Cobb 67-69–136
Ed Royall, Steve Tretter 67-69–136
12 Scotty Davis, Jeremy Moore 67-71–138

Flight 1
1 David Foster, Paul Van Zutphen 69-68–137
2 John Assey, Drew Wewers 68-70–138
Daniel Vroon, Paul Conwa;y 70-68–138
4 Ed Galbavy, Phillip Farley 68-71–139
Bart Branan, Michael Moseley 69-70–139
Danner Benfield, Matthew Bennett 69-70–139
James Millar, J.T. Walters 68-71–139
George Rasque, Trey McMillian 68-71–139
9 Kevin Driggers, Mark MacGillivary 70-70–140
10 Mac Frye, Barnwell Fishburne 70-72–142
Sam Little, Mac Cannon 70-72–142
12 Andy Balao, Mark Horn 70-73–143
Ryan Stonaker, Michael Silver 70-73–143
Gordon Williams, Tommy Mooney 70-73–143
15 Ronnie Richter Jr., Ronnie Richter Sr. 69-77–146

Flight 2
1 Tadd Brown, Matt Wood 72-64–136
2 Hank Sieling, Chris Campbell 71-70–141
3 Jonathan Mullane, Jack Knight 72-70–142
4 Tony Morelli, Lee Knight 72-71–143
Tac Hargrove, Stephen Osborne 72-71–143
6 Patrick Mallard, Peter Kouten 71-73–144
Doug MacKelcan, Britt Kelly 71-73–144
James Edwards, Tripp Terry 72-72–144
Stephen Perry, Rodney Hancock 72-72–144
10 Billy Motroni, Andrew Motroni 71-74–145
RJ Quillinan, Clinton Shuler 71-74–145
12 Andrew Lucas, Paul Fleury 71-76–147
Eric Anderson, Michael Birtel 72-75–147
14 Wesley Lyon, Grayson Weatherford 72-76–148
Doug Torchio, Brayton Norwood 72-76–148
16 Duane Bausman, Tom Ihrke 72-78–150
17 Mark Lipsmeyer, Mark Hoover 71-wd

Flight 3
1 William Spinks, Robert Lindley 74-71–145
Jess Arnette, Doug Hayden 74-71–145
3 Leon Leggett, Andy Burch 75-71–146
David Ogle, Fitz Coker 74-72–146
Craig Stamey, Brian Phillips 75-71–146
Brian Lott, Jeff Fuquay 73-73–146
7 David Brand, Chris Pond 73-76–149
8 Rich Bull, Mark Pine 75-75–150
9 Kevin Tawes, Chris Nemeth 74-77–151
Mike Bauer, Nick Bauer 73-78–151
11 John Patrick, Ralph Edwards 73-wd

Flight 4
1 Ed Borja, Eric Maland 76-74–150
2 Jonathan Epps, Robert Beilstein 77-74–151
Michael Montgomery, Parker Allen 78-73–151
4 Gregg Griffith, Gavin Griffith 78-74–152
5 Richard Moore, Joe Padgette 76-77–153
6 Alan Londergan, Chuck Navitsky 83-78–161
George Frye, Irv Condon 80-81–161
8 Jack Sinclaire, John Padgett 81-84–165
9 Todd Larry, Rick Kellett 77-91–168
10 Ned Ginsburg, Don Brown 78-wd

Senior Championship
1 Denny Sherrill, John Ebersole 65-70–135
2 Nick Avery, Roger Newsome 68-68–136
3 Dennis Slezak, Rusty Guy 69-69–138
4 Billy Wise, Dean Howard 69-70–139
5 Dick Greene, Ellis Greene 70-70–140
6 Mike Harrison, Alton Hutto 69-72–141
7 Michael Mazza, Warren Peper 70-74–144
8 Barry French, Bubber Ulmer 70-75–145

Senior Flight 1
1 Steve Thomas, Craig Reed 73-70–143
2 Chuck Zirkle, Ricky Bailey 76-68–144
Bob Bacon, Barney Henderson 71-73–144
4 Pat O’Leary, David Goldstein 75-73–148
Van Wilkerson, Buddy Beard 73-75–148
Ernie Diloretti, Peter Derry 75-73–148