Cobb’s clutch putt clinches third Miler title

Cobb thinking of
recently deceased
mom during final round

Mike Cobb isn’t a big fan of left-to-right putts, but that’s what he faced with a chance to win the Chick Miler Invitational on the 54th and final hole of the tournament. Cobb looked to the sky for a little help from his recently deceased mother, and then sank the 10-footer for the win and his third Chick Miler trophy.
“I was thinking about her then. I was thinking of her the whole time on the last hole, and all day,” said Cobb of his mother, who passed away a couple months ago.
Cobb showed great resourcefulness following an errant tee shot on the final hole. He usually can drive the No. 9 green (played as the final hole for the tournament), or land to the right with a good look at the green. In all the years since he first started playing the course in 8th grade, Cobb says he hasn’t gone as far right as he did on the last hole of this year’s Chick Miler.
Cobb’s drive ended up in the bunker by No. 7 green with a row of trees between him and the No. 9 green. He decided to take the front bunker on No. 9 out of play and hit to the left of the green so he still had a chance to save par. That’s just what he did, finishing with a well placed wedge shot to within 10 feet and just one left-to-right breaking putt.
If Cobb had not made the putt, he would have finished in a three-way tie for first and entered a playoff with Christian Woods and Matt Wood. Just before Cobb made his putt, Woods moved into a tie with Wood for the lead with a clutch 12-foot putt for par. Moments later Woods’ excitement turned to disappointment at coming up short again. He also tied for second last year, just behind R.J. Keur, who won in both 2015 and 2016.
Cobb reclaimed the trophy that he also won in 2014 and in 1997. After accepting the trophy for his third win, Cobb joked that he wanted to thank R.J. Keur for not competing in the tournament this year. He also thanked the Blanton family for all they do for the tournament and Summerville Country Club.
Cobb’s three-peat might have come a little easier if he had been able to sink a few more putts in the final round. He was closest to the pin on all three par 3s on the back nine, but settled for par each time. On No. 7 (the 16th hole), Cobb drove to the right well past the green, but recovered with by bumping his second shot with an 8 iron under a tree limb to the middle of the green. He narrowly missed a left-to-right putt for birdie, but two holes later made the nearly identical putt for the win.
Flight winners in this year’s Chick Miler, held on Memorial Day weekend each year, included: Hank Sieling, Marty Bunch, Chris Campbell, JR Stark, Brandon Barnes, Bob Hampe, William Spinks, Lloyd Clayton, Richard Petty, Norm Schwartz, and Archie O’Neal.
While handing out awards for the tournament, Bray Blanton gave special recognition to Eddie Gillette. Blanton said this year’s tournament would be Gillette’s last Chick Miler after 42 consecutive years participating in the tournament.

2017 Chick Miler Invitational
Championship Flight
Mike Cobb 70-71-72–213
Christian Woods 70-71-73–214
Matt Wood 72-71-71–214
Josh Sine 72-71-74–217
Brooks Harlow 71-73-76–220
Jeff Traylor 74-71-76–221
Cory Deering 74-72-76–222
Glenn Powell 67-73-82–222
Marc Horne 71-72-79–222
Jack Ellis 78-70-78–226
Andy Balao 77-72-79–228
Brian Ford 73-75-82–230
Gary Hartmann 74-75-82–231
Ed Galbavy 74-76-85–236

Flight 1
Hank Sieling 76-76-69–221
Bob Merryman 78-72-72–222
Barron Knight 78-73-74–225
Steve Agazzi 73-81-72–226
Bob Asbell 77-73-78–228
Lushen Evans 80-73-75–228
Will Hightower 76-75-80–231
Mark Purcell 76-75-81–232
Paul Ponder 77-75-80–232
Art Hightower Jr. 74-77-83–234
Kirk Woods 74-80-80–234
Ted Dziena 80-76-80–236
Zach Lee 76-80-88–244
John Stephens 76-78-93–244
Michael Sickles 77-76-99–252
Don Brown 74-78-wd

Flight 2
Marty Bunch 83-73-75–231
Russ Hightower 79-78-76–233
Jerry Tomlinson 82-78-74–234
Tyler Winningham 79-79-76–234
Hugh Davis 79-79-78–236
Tadd Brown 79-77-82–238
Donald Spellman 85-72-82–239
Jeff Haselden 74-85-81–240
Parker Cleveland 84-73-86–243
David Terry 81-77-86–244
Robert Lindley 84-73-89–246
Steve Laprad 78-82-86–246
Wayne Mizell 79-79-89–247
John Neuroth 84-76-89–249
Patrick Dempsey 78-80-84–242
John Adler 74-85-89–248

Flight 3
Chris Campbell 78-87-69–234
Mike Zokle 78-83-75–236
Josh Lail 84-79-76–239
JT Carney 78-84-78–240
Taylor Summers 82-79-82–243
Lonnie Burbage 81-83-79–243
Greg McKenzie 84-78-81–243
Jeff Winningham 81-81-82–244
Greg Hutcheson 83-80-81–244
Rich Bull 82-80-84–246
Chris Lannou 76-86-87–249
Tom Tinney 76-87-87–250
Derek McKenzie 80-82-89–251
Warren Phillips 78-83-91–252
Jamie Quinn 81-84-88–253
Mike Drew 83-79-wd

Flight 4
JR Stark 88-77-75–240
Hunter Rogers 84-82-75–241
Ryan Zipter 84-82-78–244
James Shelby 81-85-84–250
William Singletary 82-84-84–250
Mark Shaughnessy 78-89-83–250
Chris Davis 86-82-85–253
Chris Burns 86-83-85–254
Ben Lafond 81-87-86–254
Trey Singletary 84-82-89–255
Allen Forde 82-84-89–255
Sam Smith 88-81-86–255
Frank Mams 79-87-89–255
Stan Byram 85-84-88–257
Crazy Mizell 85-84-91–260
Steve Nave 81-90-106–277

Flight 5
Brandon Barnes 84-87-81–252
Mark Waters 92-79-81–252
Mark Roy 87-85-80–252
Cary Collins 79-94-82–255
Dave Glaessek 88-86-83–257
Luke Ridley 87-84-87–258
Chris Clayton 90-84-85–259
Brian Brookshire 84-88-90–262
Glen Raynor 81-91-90–262
Jeff Bernickle 89-84-90–263
Brook Danztler 86-87-91–264
Chris Wegmann 83-89-93–265
Alan Londergan 82-91-95–268
Aaron Ayers 88-86-100–274
Ken Ward 85-88-106–279
David Sides 82-91-wd

Flight 6
Bob Hampe 90-86-85–261
George Howard 83-94-85–262
Rockie Bailey 83-91-89–263
Mark McClave 90-85-88–263
Steve Wilson 85-91-91–267
Paul Edwards 82-97-88–267
Tyler Wegmann 88-91-88–267
Richard Brewer 84-93-92–269
Jeff Kenney 93-84-93–270
Dalton Quinn 90-88-93–271
Wayne Corum 89-89-94–272
Danny Gilmer 88-87-98–273
Eric Hill 92-86-96–274
Don Williams 86-89-wd
John Lamar 95-82-wd
Buddy Beard 85-92–wd

Flight 7
William Spinks 98-83-81–262
CJ Sarine 89-90-83–262
John Havrilack 90-91-83–264
Adam Thorpe 85-95-87–267
Stephen Santangelo 90-91-87–268
Gene Weier 89-91-89–269
Matt Patterson 93-89-87–269
Steve Blank 92-90-89–271
Eddie O’Donnell 90-89-93–272
Tommy Blackwood 88-96-92–276
Eddie Gillette 89-94-95–278
Rod Clayton 94-88-97–279
Jeff Felten 90-92-97–279
Randy Henderson 88-94-98–280
Doug Hammond 86-93-wd
Reed Charpia 95-89-wd

Flight 8
Lloyd Clayton 90-97-82–269
Mike Reese 91-94-84–269
Ted Cassinger 96-88-89–273
Kyle Boczowski 90-99-85–274
John Rohr 94-90-90–274
John Callahan 103-84-88–275
Aaron Chase 95-91-92–278
Tom O’Halleron 93-95-93–281
Mike Andrews 92-94-95–281
Rory Fletcher 98-91-93–282
Scott Bragg 93-95-97–285
Wesley Gregg 91-98-96–285
Keith Jennings 97-88-103–288
Mark Mitchum 94-92-113–299
Clark Hunter 96-89-wd

Flight 9
Richard Petty 88-101-92–281
Ce Buddin 89-101-92–282
Steve Marek 97-97-91–285
Brian Anderson 97-96-97–290
Van Wilkerson 95-97-98–290
Kevin Farless 94-95-102–291
Rudolph Horne 103-91-99–293
Ron Clayton 101-93-100–294
Casey Evans 106-87-101–294
Brent Laprad 97-96-101–294
Brandon Bray 101-93-105–299
Mark Endres 96-94-wd

Flight 10
Norm Schwartz 95-102-82–279
Steve Smith 100-95-93–288
Jim Linder 99-96-95–290
Converse Chellis 97-98-98–293
Jason Besse 97-100-97–294
Allen Sharkey 96-102-97–295
Bob Burris 89-109-97–295
Jack Pratt 102-100-94–296
Jack Gnegy 100-101-101–302
Orin Parler 98-103-106–307
Ryan Charpia 96-102-109–307
Ralph Swindal 102-95-wd

Flight 11
Archie O’Neal 97-105-101–303
Eric Eickholz 100-112-97–309
Jack Tupper 105-104-100–309
Mike Davis 111-100-101–312
Colin Ayers 113-104-98–315
Bob Sideikas 108-112-102–322
Ed Williams 110-110-107–327