Putting template

by Brandon Ray, Lowcountry Lessons

Golf has been incredibly entertaining to watch as of late and a big part is due to the improved putting of Rory McIlroy in the FedEx Cup. Rory recently switched putting coaches and began using the Vision MiPutting Template.

This template is a map of the stroke that comes in four different degrees of arc 12, 15, 18, and 21 to match closely with your putter and natural motion. The first thing to notice below is that the putting stroke is not straight back and straight through. The only way you could have a straight back and straight through stroke is if the shaft of the putter was set at a 90 degree angle, which is illegal by the rules of golf. To practice I use the 18 degree arc (pictured below) to work on my stroke. My putter has a 72 degree lie angle so if we subtract that from 90 an 18 degree arc fits. In lessons I use my iPhone to video the stroke and see the clubs travel in relation to the template. Immediately I noticed in the finish that I pulled the putter in too much towards me and closed the face too much. I fixed this some by this video, and have been putting well, but now looking at my stroke I notice the shaft is too straight up and down in the backswing, it should have more forward lean at this point.

It is this kind of measuring and feedback that helps us improve. So set up your putting lesson to measure your stroke and make more putts!